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Maoming's vision for high-quality tilapia industry development

Updated: 2024-04-22

The 19th High-quality Development Conference of Tilapia Industry and the Global Promotional Event for Maoming Tilapia were recently held at the Maoming Civic Center. Approximately 250 representatives from tilapia industry-related enterprises, associations, and experts from across the country attended.

The conference delved into the new challenges, opportunities, and dynamics confronting the tilapia industry in 2024. Discussions centered on coordinating domestic and international market development strategies, precise regulation of the tilapia industry, and the pursuit of high-quality, environmentally sustainable development.

Maoming has devised 10 strategic measures to propel the high-quality development of the tilapia industry. These include advancements in breeding techniques, standardization of farming practices, optimizing the quality structure, establishing of specialized industry clusters, cultivation of brand recognition, supporting processing capabilities, streamlining domestic and international trade, fostering technological innovation, and extending financial and insurance support.

The aim is to construct a well-structured, green, safe, efficient, and standardized tilapia industry, striving to establish Maoming as a pioneer zone for high-quality tilapia development and to promote Maoming's tilapia products to the globe.


The opening ceremony of the 19th High-quality Development Conference of Tilapia Industry. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]