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Italian influencer explores lychee paradise Maoming

Updated: 2024-06-03

Italian influencer Alex, who boasts nearly 100,000 followers on the internet, recently undertook an impromptu trip to Maoming, a renowned hub for lychee production, where he highlighted this season's premier fruit - lychee.

His expedition, documented in a widely circulated video on platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu, captivated audiences globally. The video not only enthralled viewers but also incited a flurry of comments, with many expressing admiration for his enthusiasm.

Upon arrival, Alex promptly immersed himself in the exquisite Maoming lychees, particularly extolling their sweetness. With 12 years of residency in China, Alex's venture to Maoming was propelled by his fervor for lychees. His endorsement of Maoming lychees resonated with a worldwide audience, prompting numerous calls for European markets, especially in Italy, to introduce this distinctive delicacy.

From harvesting lychees beneath ancient trees to concocting artisanal lychee gelato, Alex's odyssey was a harmonious blend of flavors and experiences, culminating in a delightful fusion of cultures and palates. His hands-on approach and genuine admiration for Maoming lychees have made an enduring impact, resonating with lychee enthusiasts worldwide.