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The Chinatown Hotel

Updated: 2014-12-18

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The Chinatown Hotel

The Chinatown Hotel is four-star recreation hotel with all kinds of amenities and luxurious decorations.

Located in downtown Zhanjiang, the southernmost coastal city of Mainland China, it covers an area of 45 mu (3 hectares). It is within the business and financial service zone in the economic development zone of Zhanjiang.

The Main Building is 13 stories high and there are two auxiliary buildings as well, with a floor area totaling 35,000 square meters. It is close to the Haiwan Bridge, the landmark of Zhanjiang. With its convenient location, it is the best choice for you, no matter what you are here for.

Address: No 48, Leshan Avenue Central, Development Zone, Zhanjiang

Tel: 0759-3199990