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Zhanjiang government information publicity work report for 2013

Updated: 2014-12-25

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In 2013, under the guidance of the Guangdong General Office and support from the leadership of Zhanjiang, the city focused on publicizing government information in key fields and sectors, and accelerating the pace of information publicity, expanding information publicity coverage, differentiating content and improving publicity channels, all of which effectively safeguarded public legal rights and interests in accessing government information.

I. Better publicity content

First, publicity content was standardized. Second, publicity was broadened and deepened. The local government took the opportunity of the Zhanjiang government website revision to sort out the city's publicity catalogue in 2013, integrate resources of various departments and publicize a full range of information, especially major decisions and matters concerning vital public interests. Third, government information publicity was accompanied by optimized services. The local government disclosed to the general public information on social and economic development as well as issues concerning people's livelihood in a timely manner.

II. More and better publicity channels

The city's publicity channels mainly include the government website, bulletins and news conferences. In 2013, Zhanjiang expanded publicity channels and received positive results. The local government Web portal was updated to an interactive version with enriched content and unique user experience. Columns were re-planned, and government policy, online government services and interactive sections were highlighted. The mobile version of the website is in sync with the latest publicity information, and residents can check government information at any time and place.

III. Enhanced training and supervision

First, the local government organized training on government information work to improve relevant personnel's professional skills. Second, it enhanced guidance on dealing with application for government information. The city strived to standardize acceptance, review, treatment and response system in dealing with application for government information through improving guidance, coordination and consultation mechanisms. Third, the local government supervised major government information publicity work through regular examination and evaluation.

Information voluntarily disclosed by the government

Range of voluntary information disclosure by the government

I. Important matters, hot issues and difficulties that the public are interested in, and important matters concerning the public interests, are accessible by the general public as long as they don't involve Party and State secrets.

II. Government information publicity costs

Application for government information was covered by the administration budget in 2013, and applicants didn't have to pay relevant costs.

III. Government information publicity administrative review and litigation

There were six administrative reviews and an administrative litigation in applications for government information.

IV. Public complaint

No complaint was received from the public on government information publicity work of the government’s subordinate administrative agencies.

V. Information disclosure on corruption risk prevention and control

To date, units directly affiliated with the Zhanjiang government, as well as local counties (cities and districts), have sorted out 5,707 administrative functions, 16,055 corruption risks, and 47,815 prevention and control measures, all of which were disclosed at Zhanjiang's corruption risk prevention and control management system. A total of 440 administrative functions at 34 municipal government departments were disclosed to the public as part of the efforts to build a power list for corruption risk control and prevention.