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Zhanjiang government work report for 2015

Updated: 2015-03-05

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By Wang Zhongbing, mayor of Zhanjiang, at the fifth session of the 13th Zhanjiang People’s Congress on Feb 3

Hello everyone,

Now, I’d like to make a report on government work, please feel free to propose your opinions.

                                              2014 work review

The economic situation was complicated in China and abroad over the past year, and the economy faced downward pressure throughout the year. People in Zhanjiang proactively adapted to the economic “new normal” and made great achievements together.

Zhanjiang was chosen as a pivot city in China’s “One Belt and One Road” marine cooperation strategy in 2014. The construction of a bonded logistics center (Type B) and the expansion of Zhanjiang Port both received the central government’s approval. The China Ocean Economy Expo also enjoyed unprecedented development in Zhanjiang.

In 2014, fixed assets investment exceeded 100 billion yuan ($16 billion), foreign trade value exceeded $6 billion, port throughput reached 200 million tons, and airport traffic reached one million people.

Zhanjiang saw iron and steel facilities spring up last year. Donghai Island finally became a booming construction site after 30 years of preparation.

The city was named a national sanitary city in 2014 after eight years of efforts. Comprehensive traffic management was carried out, and a total of 15 trunks were upgraded. Zhanjiang’s air quality topped all cities in Guangdong province.

A total of 10 major agricultural projects were accelerated, and 10 public livelihood projects were completed in 2014. Poverty alleviation work made substantial development, and a total of 1,909 households suffering from windstorms were moved into new houses before Spring Festival.

Guangdong suffered the Rammasun and Kalmaegi typhoons last year, and Zhanjiang was severely affected. Local people fought against the typhoons scientifically and bravely, and ensured zero casualties during the disasters. Post-disaster construction also saw great achievements.

Facing complicated development situations, the Zhanjiang government seriously implemented a series of decisions and deployments by the central government and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches since the 18th National Congress. It comprehensively carried out the strategy of revitalizing eastern, western and northern Guangdong. It made great strides in promoting reform, stabilizing growth, restructuring, improving people’s livelihood and avoiding risks.

There is still much room for improvement, and there is still a long way to go before meeting the public’s expectations. The economy faced increasing downward pressure, and GDP and other major economic indicators failed to hit annual targets. Fiscal revenue growth has been declining. Industrial growth was weak, and major industrial projects, such as China Sciences Group’s refining project, witnessed slow progress. The real estate market was lackluster. Producer services were at a low level. Innovation was weak. Emerging industries suffered slow development. Some measures failed to be implemented, and legal administration abilities have yet to be improved.

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