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Amazing food carvings whet Zhanjiang's New Year's appetite

Updated: 2017-02-06

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Novel fruit and vegetable carvings themed on ancient Chinese stories and traditional landscapes were displayed at a competition held over the Spring Festival holiday in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province to demonstrate the city's exquisite craftsmanship in the culinary industry.

Culinary artisans used their carving knives to work on fruits and vegetables such as onions, pumpkins, carrots and taros. Food materials were shaped into different mythological figures, landscape architectures and totems to make them artistic, attractive and appetizing.

The competition was organized by the Zhanjiang Tourism Bureau and the Zhanjiang Federation of Trade Unions as part of a series of vocational and service skills competitions initiated at the end of last year.

A carving work of Qilin (Kylin), a mythical beast symbolizing good luck and prosperity. [Photo by Wang Zhiqiang/zjphoto.yinsha.com]

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