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Start your day with a great cup of tea

By Li Wenrui (chinadaily.com.cn ) Updated: 2019-01-04

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Tea with dried herbs and rose petals [Photo/IC] 

Does anyone know when regimen becomes a la mode? Following the phenomenal HEYTEA, more tea-flavored beverage brands have been taking up the Chinese retail business from coffee chains such as Starbucks and Costa. They fit right into the tea-healthier-than-coffee narration.

Herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices - there seem to be unlimited combinations of photogenic products. And in China, this trend is creating a brand-new tea culture for young consumers. Drinking a cup of tea is no longer an "old people's" thing. It evolves into something in vogue – a small potion of style you can have on your worktable.

Health benefits aside, aren't they just beautiful to look at? You are probably very familiar with bubble tea and cheese-flavored oolong. What about the eight varieties recommended? Many of them you can easily make at home!

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