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Children's football elementary teacher training class begins in Zhanjiang

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2019-07-16

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The 3rd Guangdong Football Association Elementary Enlightenment Teacher Training Class for Children's Football starts on July 13. [Photo by Liu Jicheng/gdzjdaily.com.cn]

The 3rd Guangdong Football Association Elementary Enlightenment Teacher Training Class for Children's Football was held at Lingnan Normal University in Zhanjiang from July 13 to 17.

It was sponsored by the Guangdong Football Association, jointly organized by Lingnan Normal University and the Zhanjiang Football Association, as well as supported by the Physical Science College of Lingnan Normal University and Zhanjiang Magellan Sports Development Co Ltd.

According to a leader of the Zhanjiang Football Association, the training class is a result of deep cooperation between the Zhanjiang Football Association and Lingnan Normal University. It makes the most of the association’s resources and platforms, as well as the university’s sports resources and high-level talents to better solve the problems of training and certifying football coaches for college students majoring in physical education to promote the development of football in Zhanjiang.

The first batch of trainees included 50 students majoring in football at the Physical Science College in Lingnan Normal University. After the training, they will start to teach children’s football in several kindergartens in Zhanjiang under the guidance of the Zhanjiang Football Association to enhance the development level of football for children in the city.