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Government reaffirms vows to increase development, living standards

By Chen Hong (China Daily) Updated: 2019-09-30

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The local government of Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, has vowed to consistently improve the living standards of its residents while accelerating economic development, according to local officials.

During an inspection tour of a few local companies, industrial parks and infrastructure construction sites in the city's Mazhang district early this month, both Party Secretary Zheng Renhao and Mayor Jiang Jianjun of Zhanjiang urged local officials to understand the problems faced by companies and provide effective solutions.

While sticking to high-quality development, especially in the modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry, Party Secretary Zheng said the government must ensure social stability and improve the sense of fulfillment of local residents.

At a thematic seminar on "remaining true to the Party spirit, always keeping the mission in mind" in Zhanjiang in mid-September, which had the presence of the city's top officials, Mayor Jiang said, "We must always have the people in mind and prioritize livelihood issues and do our bits to make sure that people's satisfaction, happiness and safety will continue to improve."

Once a less developed city, Zhanjiang has developed at a faster rate after being positioned by the provincial government as a sub-center in the province at the end of 2017, and later being included in a couple of national strategies.

The city has attached much importance to the development of its port industry, coastal tourism industry, agriculture with local characteristics, and promoting the integration of civil and military industries. Meanwhile, it is supporting the real economy, diversifying its export market, increasing trade facilitation and enhancing companies' international competitiveness.