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Red tourism gets a boost in Suixi, Zhanjiang

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2019-10-12

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During the seven-day National Day holiday from Oct 1 to 7, a steady stream of tourists visited the Huang Xuezeng Revolutionary Education Base, including 25 batches of different groups, an increase of 12.3 percent year-on-year.

Dunwen village, Lemin town, Suixi county is the hometown of Huang Xuezeng, one of the four leading peasant movement leaders in Guangdong province. The Huang Xuezeng Revolutionary Education Base includes a memorial pavilion, an exhibition hall, and a memorial square. His former residence covers an area of 1,140 square meters and a construction area of 374 square meters. The memorial square began construction in June 2019 and is expected to be fully completed by the end of October this year.

The education base was built to better protect the revolutionary sites and make full use of their role. It is both an educational base for revolutionary traditions, as well as a good place for leisure and study.

Zhanjiang has increased publicity and promotion of its red tourism sites, developed a number of special red tour routes, as well as guided red tourist attractions in the city to launch a variety of educational activities during the National Day holiday. Travel routes that combined red tourism, the ecological environment, and coastal tourism have proven to be popular and well received by visitors.


Visitors learn about history and culture at the Huang Xuezeng Revolutionary Education Base. [Photo by Zhou Zhu/gdzjdaily.com.cn]