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Mazhang Industry Park

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2019-11-07

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Mazhang Industry Park. [Photo/zjmazhang.gov.cn]

The planned construction area of Mazhang Industrial Park is 13,000 mu (866.67 hectares), which is composed of Sanbaiyang Industrial Zone, Houwan Industrial Zone, and Taihe Industrial Zone. It is one of the three key industrial parks newly planned and constructed by Zhanjiang.

To date, a total investment of 458 million yuan ($65.39 million) has been invested to improve the park's infrastructure. The park has built six functional areas, including an agricultural and seafood processing zone, a high-tech industrial zone, a packaging industry zone, a food and medicine zone, a machinery processing industrial zone, as well as a storage and transportation zone.

To date, 204 enterprises have settled in the park, including 75 enterprises above designated size, with a total investment of over 7 billion yuan. Its main industries cover the fields of feed production, agricultural and marine products processing, audio and video products, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, plastic packaging, as well as building materials.

In the future, the park will focus on constructing supply parks for iron, steel, and petrochemical production auxiliary materials, construct a professional park for the packaging industry focusing on container manufacturing, as well as bolstering its presence in the auto parts, light industry machinery, and furniture manufacturing industries.