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Air Liquide to promote high quality development of Zhanjiang

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2019-11-13

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Zhanjiang Mayor Jiang Jianjun (R) meets with Christopher Clark (L) on Nov 12. [Photo/zhanjiang.gov.cn]

Zhanjiang Mayor Jiang Jianjun met with Christopher Clark, senior vice president of Air Liquide (China) Holding Co, on Nov 12, conducting in-depth exchanges on its planned air separation plant and industrial gas pipe network in Zhanjiang, which will serve BASF and chemical companies on Donghai Island.

Air Liquide is a world leader in industrial and healthcare gas, technology, and services. With oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen as its main businesses, focusing on energy, environment, high-tech, and healthcare, Air Liquide China is committed to providing advanced gas production facilities, reliable operation services, as well as innovative environmentally friendly gas application solutions.

Air Liquide China plans to invest and build an air separation plant and industrial gas pipe network in the Zhanjiang Economic Development Zone to supply products like oxygen, nitrogen, industrial air, and instrument air to provide services for BASF and chemical companies on Donghai Island.

Clark expressed his hope that Air Liquide China can strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Zhanjiang, serve Zhanjiang's development and construction, as well as promote Zhanjiang's sustainable economic development.

Jiang said that in the future, the city scale and function of Zhanjiang will be enhanced and that the city's influence will be further expanded. He expected that Air Liquide China will support the construction of Zhanjiang, provide high-quality supporting services, as well as promote the high-quality development of the city.