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Zhanjiang to launch offshore floating wind power project

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2019-12-12

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The offshore floating wind power equipment development project of Haizhuang Windpower (HZ Wind) of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSIC) finally landed in Zhanjiang on Dec 10 to undergo reviews from experts and scholars in the field of wind power from home and abroad.

As the main part of CSIC's wind power sector, HZ Wind is currently a leader in China's wind power market. The Zhanjiang project is a high-tech ship scientific research project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is expected to fill the gaps in the integrated design and application verification of high-power offshore floating wind power equipment in China, as well provide necessary technical support for the large-scale development of offshore wind power.

Experts at the review meeting said that the geographical location and the marine resources of Zhanjiang complement the scientific research and equipment manufacturing capabilities of CSIC, as well as that the project will effectively promote Zhanjiang's high-quality economic and societal development.

The project will start cutting-edge exploration for the development of deep-sea wind resources, as well as promote the development and transformation of key technologies for offshore floating wind power equipment in Zhanjiang.

Ou Xianwei, deputy mayor of Zhanjiang, said that the implementation of the project will lead the new direction of the development of the energy industry in Guangdong province and strongly support the construction of Guangdong's coastal economic belt.

Wang Manchang, chairman of HZ Wind of CSIC, expressed his hope that the Zhanjiang government can increase support for marine equipment on issues, such as the development plan of the wind power industry chain and the testing of wind farm locations, as well as jointly promote the development of floating wind power equipment projects and the landing of the offshore wind power industry with the company.