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Xuwen Port project makes orderly progress

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-03-04

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Xuwen Port, a provincial key project located in Zhanjiang, has resumed work since Feb 23, while also implementing strong novel coronavirus prevention and control efforts. At present, more than 100 workers have returned to work and the project construction is underway in an orderly fashion.

According to a person in charge of Zhanjiang Xuwen Port Co, the company has arranged several staff members to register the basic information of the workers on duty and the workers returning from the Spring Festival every day, including their place of residence, return arrangements, and return paths. As of now, no suspected cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia have been found. 

The Xuwen Port project has completed a total investment of 1.73 billion yuan ($249.47 million). The hydraulic engineering and soft foundation treatment have passed the acceptance of delivery, the land building monomer has been basically completed, while 92 percent of the paving project, as well as 95 percent of the fire protection, water supply, and drainage have been carried through.

The company also developed an intelligent software system, Smart Port. About 97 percent of the on-site pipeline installation has been completed, while 80 percent of the equipment has been purchased and delivered.

After completion, the port will be the world's largest passenger ferry terminal, and the shipping time across the Qiongzhou Strait will be shortened from two to three hours to an hour or so.


The Xuwen Port project is under construction. [Photo by Cai Mingzhi and Cheng Zhuang/Zhanjiang Daily]