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Zhanjiang government work report for 2020

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-03-05

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2020 work deployment

In 2020, Zhanjiang's regional GDP shall increase 5 percent, the value added of industries above designated size shall increase by about 6 percent, investment in fixed assets shall increase by about 6 percent, total retail sales of consumer goods shall increase by 7.5 percent, and total foreign trade imports and exports shall increase by 3 percent. The actual utilization of foreign capital will increase by 8 percent, the general public budget revenue will increase by 5 percent, the port cargo throughput will increase by 8.4 percent, and the per capita disposable income of residents will increase by 7 percent.

In 2020, Zhanjiang government will arrange 157 key projects with an annual planned investment of 47.6 billion yuan.

Efforts will be made to build modern infrastructure for the future. Focusing on long-term development, planning and construction of 74 key infrastructure projects, with an investment of 24.4 billion yuan, will be carried out. Construction of a national comprehensive transportation hub, as well as major information water conservancy and energy projects will be accelerated.

Zhanjiang will deepen the supply-side structural reform and build a modern economic system. It will build a group of competitive advanced manufacturing industrial clusters, including the modern port industry, traditional industry, emerging industry, and modern service industry. The city will also support the development of the private sector economy, as well as promote the in-depth development of military-civilian integration.

The city will focus on innovation, as well as reform and opening-up. It will deepen reforms, optimize its business environment, and tackle reforms in key areas, implementing an innovation-driven development strategy, as well as expanding high-level opening-up and deepening regional economic cooperation.

Zhanjiang will improve urban governance by strengthening urban territory planning, developing a central area of the city, promoting refined urban management, and promoting the construction of an ecological civilization.

The city will insist on coordinated development, strengthening county economic overall planning and guidance, as well as promoting regional differentiated development of manufacturing industries.

The city will implement its rural revitalization strategy to promote agricultural modernization and increase farmers' incomes. It will create a characteristic agricultural full industry chain and develop smart agricultural industries.

Zhanjiang will resolutely fight against the three major battles of poverty, pollution, and significant risks to ensure the comprehensive construction of a moderately well-off society in all aspects. Efforts will be made to strengthen people's livelihoods and social governance, spanning employment, education, health services, and medical security.

The city will also promote the modernization of government governance systems and capabilities to build a service-oriented government that its residents are satisfied with.

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