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Zhanjiang Port reduces multiple operation fees

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-03-09

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During the critical period of resuming work production, while continuing the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic, Zhanjiang Port Group has launched a number of port operation fee reductions on March 2 on the basis of a notice on Feb 1 to waive the general cargo container depot fee from Jan 24 to Feb 9.

Preferential measures clearly state that green channels will continue to be opened for ships, vehicles, and cargo carrying epidemic prevention and control materials, as well as that priority will be given to berthing, operations, and transportation.

The original free storage period for domestic and foreign heavy-duty containers entering the port involving epidemic prevention and control materials has been extended from Feb 9 to the end of the epidemic.

Domestic and foreign ordinary heavy boxes of non-epidemic prevention and control materials will enjoy a 50 percent discount of the warehouse usage fee incurred between Feb 10 and April 30, based on the original exemption of the warehouse usage fee from Jan 24 to Feb 9.

From Feb 29, domestic and foreign import refrigerated heavy containers for non-epidemic prevention and control materials in the port will be given a 50 percent discount of the storage fee from Feb 10 to April 30.