Technological innovation bolsters Zhanjiang Port operations

( Updated : 2020-03-23

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Since this year, Zhanjiang Port Group has actively optimized and explored the use of production equipment and other technological innovations, accelerating the pace of mechanization, automation, and intelligentization of terminal site operations, as well as achieving improvements in quality and efficiency.

During the novel coronavirus outbreak, the group took various measures and made innovations to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the terminal's operations, facilitating fast and convenient port loading and unloading, as well as efficient and smooth transportation.

The group has put into use a new unpacking machine that doesn't require manual assistance during the unpacking process. It can improve the safety of the operation, shorten the single box operation time from the original 35 minutes/box to 15 minutes/box, as well as increase the operating efficiency by 57 percent year-on-year and decrease the operating costs by 25 percent year-on-year. The machine is also expected to help customers save logistics costs by 11 percent.

In addition, in order to further optimize the automated operation process of the bulk terminal, the group completed the special technological upgrade of the bucket terminal in early March. The upgrade has effectively eliminated the potential dangers of bucket wheels at the bulk terminal, saved manual cleaning costs, as well as improved the safety of terminal operations.

Zhanjiang Port Group will continue to improve terminal production quality and efficiency through the implementation of new processes and technologies to promote the expansion of port business, as well as further help build Zhanjiang Port into a strong and important port in South China.


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