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Zhanjiang mayor inspects poverty alleviation efforts in Wuchuan

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-04-10

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Jiang Jianjun, mayor of Zhanjiang, inspected the poverty alleviation efforts of Wuchuan, a county-level city in Zhanjiang, on April 7 to ensure that the battle against poverty will be won with high quality results and on schedule by the end of 2020.

In the county's Pingcheng village, Jiang first consulted the poverty alleviation measures and files of impoverished households, and then visited impoverished families at random to check the implementation of relevant poverty alleviation policies. He also investigated on site the development of poverty alleviation industries in the village, as well as the improvement of the living environment.

In addition, Jiang went to Tiaoge village and checked the implementation of the river chief system of the Tanggongshi River.

To win the crucial battle against poverty, all departments should strengthen cooperation, said Jiang, adding that efforts should also be made to prevent returning to poverty.

Jiang also expressed his hopes that Foshan, which offers counterpart support for Wuchuan's poverty alleviation efforts, will further step up industrial and labor cooperation and talent support, as well as continue to do a good job in reducing poverty through consumption, helping Zhanjiang win the battle against poverty with high quality results as scheduled.