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3 Zhanjiang tourism routes rated as provincial routes

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-05-13

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The Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism recently released the first batch of provincial historical and cultural tourism routes, three of which are in Zhanjiang.

The provincial list aims to enrich Guangdong's cultural tourism products, carry forward the fine traditional Lingnan culture, as well as promote the construction of a strong Guangdong province in terms of culture and tourism.

The three historical and cultural tourism routes are the ones in Kwangchowan, Leizhou, and Suixi county.

The major tourist attractions along the Kwangchowan tourism route are Zhanjiang Museum, the Former Residence of Chen Mingren, Kwangchowan Historical and Folklore Museum, Jinsha Bay Beach, the Former Site of the French Legation in Kwangchowan, as well as Xiashan Catholic Cathedral.

Those along the Leizhou ancient post road tourism route are Leizhou Museum, West Lake Park, Leizhou Daxin Street, Sanyuan Tower Park, the ancient ferry site of Nandu River, Xiting Quay, and the Tea Booth of Baizhang Bridge.

The Suixi tourism route includes Suixi Museum, Confucius Cultural City, Longwan Lion Dance Protection and Inheritance Base, as well as Huang Xuezeng Memorial Pavilion.