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New mobile inspection equipment applied in Zhanjiang Port

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-08-05

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The first RTG6000 mobile self-propelled container inspection equipment was recently put into use at the Baoman Container Terminal of Zhanjiang Port after it completed the commissioning and trial operation on June 1.

Compared to traditional fixed container inspection equipment, the biggest advantage of the new mobile inspection equipment is its strong maneuverability, according to the head of the second supervision division of Xiashan Customs, which is under the jurisdiction of Zhanjiang Customs.

It boasts two inspection modes, namely the combined mobile mode and the quick inspection mode. It is also equipped with tires, which allows the equipment to move in a certain area.

Utilizing the principle of X-ray radiation imaging technology, the equipment can also carry out non-intrusive inspection of cargo in containers by analyzing the X-ray images. It only needs 20 seconds to complete the inspection of a container truck, realizing faster customs clearance and tighter supervision.

"This set of new mobile inspection equipment greatly reduces our operating time and costs, as well as improves our working efficiency at the container terminal," said Feng Wenjun, manager of the operation department of Zhanjiang Port International Container Terminal Co Ltd.


The new mobile self-propelled container inspection equipment checks a container truck at the Baoman Container Terminal of Zhanjiang Port. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_af724c75e13a]