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Tiangongyuan Homestay

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-08-27

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The Tiangongyuan Homestay is situated in Zurong village of Leizhou, a county-level city in Zhanjiang.


The interior decoration of the Tiangongyuan Homestay in Zhanjiang is a combination of traditional art and modern industry. [Photo by Eman Chen/WeChat account: gdzjlywx]

Located next to a handiwork museum, it has a decoration style combining traditional art with modern industry, creating a simple and nostalgic living environment with cultural characteristics. Handiworks, such as articles weaved by bamboo or cattail leaves, can be seen everywhere at the homestay.

Next to the homestay is a book house, which provides wonderful photo opportunities for visitors.


A standard room at the Tiangongyuan Homestay in Zhanjiang. [Photo by Eman Chen/WeChat account: gdzjlywx]

Address: Zurong village, Leizhou, Zhanjiang, Guangdong province

Tel: +86-759-8506888