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Zhanjiang sugar exported to Pakistan for the first time

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-10-12

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A batch of white granulated sugar produced in Zhanjiang was recently exported to Pakistan after passing the inspection and quarantine procedures of Xiahai Customs, which operates under the jurisdiction of Zhanjiang Customs. It is the first time that Zhanjiang sugar has entered the Pakistani market.

The batch of white granulated sugar, weighing 1,000 metric tons, was exported by the Zhanjiang-based Guangdong Jinling Sugar Group Co Ltd.

Zhanjiang is an important base in China for sugarcane planting and sugar production. It is the largest sugar industrial base in Guangdong province. The city's sugarcane cultivation area accounts for about 80 percent of the province's total.

Xiahai Customs went to great lengths to expand the exports of white granulated sugar in Zhanjiang.

It took the initiative to interpret relevant inspection and quarantine requirements, regulations and standards, as well as import and export preferential policies for enterprises in Zhanjiang, carried out training for the operation of the declaration system, and helped enterprises with their pre-export preparations.