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Zhanjiang gains popularity among tourists during holiday

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2021-02-25

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A total of 3.62 million trips were made by tourists to Zhanjiang in South China's Guangdong province during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday from Feb 11 to 17, generating a tourism revenue of 1.6 billion yuan ($247.48 million).

Before the festival holiday began, Zhanjiang recommended 10 featured routes and 50 scenic spots for self-driving tours, in order to enrich the holidays of non-local employees who stayed in the city for Spring Festival instead of leaving for their hometowns.

Tourist enterprises implemented preferential measures such as ticket discounts and tour packages, which also boosted tourism.

Countryside tours were one of the most popular activities during this holiday. Scenic spots in the city's rural areas launched a number of events that saw high participation and, combined with educational attractions, attracted road-trippers and families.

In addition, Zhanjiang also made full use of online platforms and offline public cultural and sports facilities to carry out rich cultural activities, fully showcasing the city's traditional culture and characteristic folk customs.


Scenic spots in Zhanjiang are full of visitors during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday on Feb 11-17. [Photo by Li Zhong/Zhanjiang Daily]

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