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Baosteel Zhanjiang obtains national invention patent

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-06-18

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The steel coil hoisting method and transfer system invented by Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Co recently obtained national invention patent authorization from the National Intellectual Property Administration.

Steel coils that need extended storage have to be bagged to avoid rusting due to the influence of air humidity. Manual intervention is required because clamps have restrictions on automatic equipment signals and this causes failures in hoisting.

The new hoisting method and transfer system allows unmanned vehicles to automatically identify whether a steel coil is bagged or not by numbering bags and inputting the information into a control system, and then issuing different instructions. They can improve work efficiency and reduce the need for manual intervention.

In recent years, Baosteel Zhanjiang has been improving employees' awareness of innovation and cultivating more innovation achievements, aiming to advance its production technologies.