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Zhanjiang Port's cargo throughput hits new high in Jan-July

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-08-07

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The cargo throughput at Zhanjiang Port reached 64.41 million metric tons from January to July, an increase of 6.1 percent from the same period of the previous year and a new high, according to data released by Zhanjiang Port Group.

The port's cargo throughput in July alone was 10.53 million tons, setting a new record for the same period in a single month.

Zhanjiang Port Group has been cooperating with the Zhanjiang maritime safety administration and the Zhanjiang Port Pilot Station to reduce the impact of bad weather, optimize its berthing plans, and improve coordination mechanisms.

On July 13, the port finished the simultaneous departure and berthing operations of eight large ships with the tide, the total tonnage of ships and the cargo capacity reaching a record high.


A large ship with a tonnage of 10,000 tons berths at the Baoman Container Terminal of Zhanjiang Port on Aug 6. [Photo by Li Bo/gdzjdaily.com.cn]