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Small-sum guaranteed loans propel entrepreneurship in Suixi

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-10-15

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Small-sum guaranteed loans have helped people in Suixi county of Zhanjiang start up their own businesses and achieve prosperity.

To date, the county has established 18 national-level, provincial-level, city-level, and county-level female demonstration bases under the support of the local financial system.

The demonstration bases have helped cultivate more than 150 female entrepreneurs, assisted over 4,000 impoverished women in finding jobs, as well as helped over 6,000 women start a business at home, thus helping to solve the problems of leftover children and empty-nest seniors.

A 'three farmers' joint guarantee mode has been created by the Suixi sub-branch of the People's Bank of China, the Suixi Women's Federation, and the Suixi Rural Commercial Bank in which if one farmer doesn't or is unable to repay loans, the other two farmers can urge them to repay the or advance the payment of it.


Officials of the Suixi Rural Commercial Bank visit farmers in Suixi and learn about the implementation of the small-sum guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship. [Photo by Li Zhong/Zhanjiang Daily]

The dragon fruit industrial park in Suixi's Buzheng village is the first guaranteed loan project for female entrepreneurship. By the end of August, the Suixi Rural Commercial Bank has issued small-sum guaranteed loans through the three farmers' joint guarantee mode to 6,632 households, with a loan amount of 276.29 million yuan ($41.05 million). The loan maturity recovery rate of the project reached 100 percent.

Small-sum guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship are of great help for farmers, said Chen Guoxiong, Party secretary of Buzheng village.

"The villagers have a lot of integrity and banks are willing to issue loans to help them," said Chen. Through the help of the small-sum guaranteed loans, people have constantly expanded their planting area and increased their incomes, helping them live a better and better life.