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Zhanjiang observation station wins national honor

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-11-26

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently launched the first batch of 16 national long-term fixed observation and test stations for green agricultural development. One of which is from Zhanjiang, the only one in Guangdong province.

The observation and test station will settle at the Zhanjiang Station of the South Subtropical Crops Research Institute (SSCRI) of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. It will be built by the dryland farming and water conservation research center of the SSCRI Zhanjiang Station.

It will make long-term positioning observations on the green production patterns of major tropical upland crops like sweet corn, sugarcane, peanuts, and pineapples.

In addition, it will also carry out technological innovation in irrigation and fertilization, as well as improvements of agronomic measures and cultivation patterns to improve the utilization efficiency of water and soil resources, as well as to reduce pollution.

Zhanjiang is a big agricultural city. It is expected that the city will make full use of local resources and provide a test model for green agricultural development.